Words That Men Don’t Like to Hear in Bed

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One of the most sensitive points of men is their sexual success. A word that you will be unaware of can distract the man from you. So you have to be cautious and know the words men do not want to hear in bed. At first, I tried to talk with people about that on some dating apps like Tinder. But I decided to start with Club505. I asked 5 men whom I met from Club505 about their thoughts on this subject. I created this article with their answers.

-You woke me up for this? -Try to breathe through your nose! -You’re the same as my father.

Men love sex that starts suddenly. It is your natural right to resist it. But men will not like this. And not just men. No one wants to be criticized for their imperfections.

-Is it over? -But the cream shampoo makes me nauseous. -Is this your first time?

Never criticize men for their sexual power. It makes them feel weak against you. Men do not want to be in an environment where they feel powerless.

-It’d be better if we closed the lights. -Do not think we’re gonna do more than a kiss…

Alpha man does not like being directed. Men like to watch women make love. Try to keep up with your boyfriend.

-Do not ruin my makeup, okay? -But I just brush my teeth. -Is our relationship serious?

You can do your makeup again. However, you cannot regain a man. Make feel your partner that you care him.

-I’m tired of fantasizing! -I guess you should try another one! -When will I start enjoying it?

If the man feels comfortable, he gets better. Never force a man for a better sex. Leave the boys comfortable for a better sex!

-So that’s why they say you “Mr. Very Quick”… -You might be stronger if you quit smoking.

There are tactics to keeping it longer. Do not tell the man what to do. You discover and implement these tactics.

-I can make this part better by myself. -It’s almost as good as my ex-boyfriend… -I guess you just have not been trained.

The same mistake again! Never ever tell a man that he is sexually weak. Do not criticize him in the bed. You can guide your man and it’s not that hard.

-My ex-boyfriend could do it for a lot longer.

The man you say this, will not see you again. If you want to end the relationship, then you can use this sentence. Finding an upper class partner that hard and talking like that is not the thing you wish to do.

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