Top 15 Richest Celebrities with the Highest Net worth

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Ever wondered that how much do the celebrities get paid? I’m sure that you must have thought this thing because I’ve also, LOL! I thought to write an article about celebrity rich list and tell you that how much income the richest celebrities generate according to Forbes, Let’s start!

This list is based on “2017 Celebrity 100 Earnings” list of Forbes.

Celebrities Biography with Net Worth

  1. Sean Combs

Because of his rapping he’s at the top of the list with worth of $130 million net revenue, respectively. His age is 48 and what If I tell you that he’s a drop out of Howard University.

  1. Beyoncé Knowles

Another Musician in the list and right after the first one, Beyoncé’s Formation world tour grossed a quarter of a billion dollars. Having a net worth of $105 million she’s at the 2nd of the list.

  1. K. Rowling

I don’t know why but I’m feeling Goosebumps writing about her because she’s personally my favorite author, Well, Who don’t know about Harry potter? Everyone does! Because of harry potter she always remains on top on many lists, with $95 million she stands at the 3rd position.

  1. Drake

Well, look another musician in the list, not much behind J.K. Rowling, Drake is at number 4th with $94 million.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Finally! An athlete is at number 5TH in the list. By playing football for so many years he has made himself the best at the age of 35 he’s the only athlete in top 5 with $93M.

  1. The Weeknd

Here’s another musician, Whoa! This field is something else, let’s become a musician, LOL! At the age of 28 He’s at number 6 in the list with worth of $92M.

  1. Howard Stern

Howard is a show host of a radio show named SiriusXM! At the age of 64 He’s at 7th number in the list with $90M, Isn’t it motivational?

  1. Coldplay

The British pop-rockers are at the 8th of the list with $88M, playing at arenas and stadiums around the globe at a gross worth 5$ million per city, they’re the only band in top 10.

  1. James Patterson

Another author in top 10, he sold over 9.5 million domestic copies in a year, No wonder why he’s at 9th position with worth of $87M.

  1. LeBron James

LeBron is the 2nd athlete in the top 10 after Ronaldo; He is NBA’s four-time MVP with having worth over $86M.

  1. Guns N’ Roses

Another rock music band with having worth of $84M with some hit songs they’ve reached this far.

  1. Rush Limbaugh

He’s another host of a radio show; thanks to the trump bump his eponymous show experienced 21% growth in audience. Having worth of $84M he’s standing at 12th position.

  1. Justin Bieber

Well, He’s everyone’s favorite, LOL! With many fans and more haters than fans, Justin still stands on 13th position with $83.5M.

  1. Lionel Messi

He’s another athlete and by playing football he has achieved a lot of fame and has a lot of talent, He’s also my personal favorite. At the age of 30 he’s at 14th position with having worth net of $80M.

  1. Phil McGraw

He’s the last in our list, he maybe not a practicing doctor but he has made himself a perfect businessman by becoming the highest paid TV-Host.

Well that was all, I hoped I provided correct information, you can also be in this list, just work hard!

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