Learning Times Tables like a Pro!

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Thought to write another article about learning times tables, it may sound difficult but it isn’t! I always like to provide information that can ease your problems while understanding times tables. Today I’ll try to provide some valuable knowledge and some good tricks and tips to memorize time tables easily.

Learning Times Tables like a Pro!

First of all, there are some patterns which can help you remember the tables, we will discuss those patterns in this article and I’m sure that they will work for you!

Patterns for Learning Times Tables

The table of 2 is the easiest one for me because it just keeps doubling the number itself, I’ve mentioned some examples below:

  • 2×2=4
  • 4×2=8
  • 3×2=6

You see? No matter whatever number you put with 2 in multiplication, the number will double itself after getting multiplied by 2. That’s a very easy PATTERN!

Like the table of 2 there’s a pattern for the table of 5 too, I’ve mentioned some examples of it, check them below:

  • 2×5=10
  • 3×5=15
  • 4×5=20
  • 5×5=25

I think you just got it! Either it ends with 0 or with 5. Easy, isn’t it?

Let’s discuss about the pattern of the table of 9, well, every table has a pattern but we will discuss some of them only, now let’s move on to the 9th table.

Well let’s see some examples again!

  • 9×1=9
  • 9×2=18
  • 9×3=27
  • 9×4=36
  • 9×5=45

Did you notice it? No? Let me explain! The last digit number goes one down always, i.e. from 9 to 8 and from 8 to 7. This is a very easy pattern again, the “tens” just go up and the “ones” goes down.

Well! Now I’m going to discuss about my favorite table, THE table of 10!!!

Let’s see some examples first!

  • 10×1=10
  • 10×2=20
  • 10×3=30
  • 10×4=40
  • 10×5=50
  • 10×6=60

You see? That’s the easiest one of them all! Just keep putting a zero at the end.

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Hardest ones

Learning times tables is an art, and you can say that I’m Picasso of it, LOL! By playing many multiplication games I myself have become an expert in multiplication, and I always recommend playing multiplication games to make mathematics fun! BTW I was going to tell you that I find the 6th and the 8th table a little bit harder than the others, but they’re easy too. Just keep practicing!

I always suggest learning from your mathematics instructor, he/she can guide you better than anyone else, but still playing with mathematics toys and playing games on the internet and reading blogs are always fun and they don’t make the math boring.

Wrapping up things

This was all for today, I’m glad that you came hear and read the whole article! I’ll try to cover more things in my upcoming articles and will make mathematics more interesting for my users, just keep an eye on the blog! And also keep practicing math because practice makes the man perfect! You must also check out my previous articles in which I provided some quality information about times tables.

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