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Does your dog destroy everything you see inside the house? Know that this is a normal behavior, especially in the early years of your pet’s life. This happens because he is recognizing the environment and the objects that are in front of him. But it is not because it is something natural, that you will stand idly by waiting for your dog to destroy everything, right?

To help you protect your home and your pet from the consequences of such misbehavior, we separate some tips. If put into practice, they can prevent your puppy from destroying your furniture and personal belongings and still help you to understand your little four-footed child a little more. The best way is to go for The Best Wireless Fences for Dogs. You can get the Buyer’s Guide and Review on Let’s Check out! The other tips.

dog destroy everything

Understand the motive of your pet’s behavior

It’s not just the natural instinct that makes your pet want to bite everything you see ahead. There are other reasons behind this behavior, such as: staying alone for a long time at home, being locked in a room without interaction with family and other animals, not being taken for walks, boredom, anxiety and even the birth of new teeth, such as happens to human babies. Investigating the causes, you will know the best way to condition you to abandon the habit of biting your objects and furniture.

Take the dog for a walk every day.

As much as the animal has several toys, it is important to take it for a walk every day. Your puppy needs to expend all the energy it accumulates during the day, preventing it from using that energy by gnawing on its furniture. Also take time out to play with your pet outdoors in a safe place. Your dog will be much healthier and happier!

Keep objects that should not be bitten

In doubt, it is always best to prevent. Therefore, take all the objects that can be caught by him, such as slippers, shoes, television controls, cushions and everything that attracts your dog. At least until you know how to control his behavior, it’s best not to let him make more “victims.”

Use specific sprays on furniture

There are some sprays on the market that serve to prevent the animal from biting the furniture. They have a nasty taste to the palate of the dog and cause them to be repelled when they put their mouths where they received the spray. This technique usually works well and in time the animal will associate that furniture with the bitter taste, giving up biting it. Ideally, sneeze the product at your pet’s target sites daily.

Call attention, but do not shout.

If your dog is biting its furniture and objects to get its attention, screaming will not solve the problem. After all, when you’re yelling at him, it means you got what you wanted: your attention. So when you catch him, catch his eye and make it clear that what he is doing is wrong, but try to distract him with something else instead of shouting and making threats.

Leave some toys always within reach of your dog.

This is one of the most effective tips. Buy some toys that were made to catch the animal’s attention and satisfy their need to bite. Leave these toys scattered around the house, especially near the furniture he usually attacks.

Whenever you see the animal biting something it should not, offer a toy. If you notice that it is with the teeth being born, you can leave one of the toys in the refrigerator and offer it cool. This helps relieve the uncomfortable sense of the animal.

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