Beauty in imperfection

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Nobody in this world is perfect but the one who finds beauty in imperfection is the real person who is beautiful.

Not everything can be in order all the time, there are rough patches in everybody’s life but those who live the life to their best despite all the odds, they are the ones who make you see the real beauty.

This life can never be perfect for anyone. You keep on facing so many circumstances that may have you get distorted and when you still manage to pull yourself despite the odds, you are beautiful too.


The worldview of the acceptance of the imperfection is wabi-sabi. The aesthetics rely on where you find the beauty in something that is not perfect at all and cannot even be. There is what the real beauty lies. There are rough stuff, rough patches and roughness all around and this is where you will be able to find the real beauty. Yes, in imperfection!

Wabi-sabi is actually a concept that was derived from a Buddhist. This was to show the three basic marks off the essence. Those marks of existence are; impermanence, suffering and emptiness.

Where does the beauty exists?

It exists within you. yes, there is no need of fancy things all around you to make yourself feel good. You need the self-love and care for others to see the beauty around you. There is nothing perfect but imperfection is beautiful. There is no need for something really expensive to look beautiful, there is beauty in modesty and simplicity too. And you can see that on influencers saying in Own the looks review.

Definition of wabi-sabi

It can be defined as the characteristic feature of beauty which is occupied by the rough things in your life.

Beauty in imperfection

Beauty is imperfect

Keep finding the beauty in imperfection and you will find yourself. Wabi-sabi has embraced in a tea ceremony some other cultural traditions by the monks, tea masters as well as the Buddhists. Buddhists their daily chores, this was the ceremony which used to take place so that the people can get time to embrace the things around them and find the beauty in imperfection. All the simple things have beauty in them but all you need is to embrace them and admire them for what they are.

If you do the same, you can be able to be thankful for what you have around you and in this way, you will be able to identify the beauty in yourself and your creation. This is not a simple thing to achieve but when you do, you will be the happiest person in this world. And if you are not you can check own the look uk and Ownthelooks Instagram they have a variation of fashion trends that goes with anyone.

Beauty is everywhere

Beauty lies everywhere just like it does in Own the looks review. It lies in the flower vase resent right in front of you, it can be in the flawed beauty and everything you have around you. So, admire it to make your own self-feel healthy and beautiful.

Connect to love

When you cannot connect to love or empathetic feelings, you will not be able to connect to the world like you need to. So, work on it and you will achieve inner beauty to own the looks in you.

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